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Ceramic mug, coffee mug for corporate gift

Ceramic mug is a common gift for corporate gift or school. Customer can select material including glazed stoneware, ceramic, spocelain and new bone china to make the coffee mug. Customer can also select super white new bone china to make it. For shape, customer can select standard shape or custom-make shape. The following is some popular items customer like. Joint-mix provides the high quality colorful fire decal for logo, slogan or artwork. Joint-mix will provide the draft artwork for customer approval. After approval, one pre-production sample will provided for customer final approval. After approval, Joint-mix will produce the products and deliver to customer on time and schedule.

For the packing, we also provide the standard paper box packing with printing or custom-make PU packing for customer. For more items or detail, please contact us by phone or by email.

Products and Style
Standard Ceramic Mug - CM03
Coffee Mug with Lip
Coffee Keep warm mug with lip
Super White Mug
Super White Coffee Mug 232
Super White Coffee Mug 234
Custom-make item (sample)
Mini Size Coffee Mug Saucer (H)
Mini Size Coffee Mug Saucer (V)
Mini Size Coffee Mug Saucer (U)
Middle Size Coffee Mug 45
Middle Size Coffee Mug 43
Middle Size Coffee Mug 40
Ceramic Mug 38
Middle Size Coffee Mug 42
Super White Mug 35
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