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Mobile Strape for corporate gift

We are providing variety material for mobile strap and neck strap such as woven strap, non-woven strap. Moreover, customer can select variety accessories such as metal ring, alloy hook, turnring hook or swivel hook to make up with the mobile strap. Company logo or slogan printing is available.

Products and Style
Lanyard Style A
Lanyard with Release Buckle B
Lanyard Style C
Lanyard Style D
Lanyard Style E
Lanyard Style F
Lanyard with Release Buckle G
Reflective Tape H
Lanyard Style I
Reflective Tape J
Lanyard with Plastic pouch K
Lanyard with Plastic pouch L
Soft PVC mobile stripe M
Soft PVC mobile strape N
Soft PVC mobile cleaner O
Leather mobile stripe P
Woven mobile stripe Q
Soft PVC mobile stripe R
Soft PVC mobile stripe S
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