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Gift and Premium, Souvenir Promotion Provider

Joint-mix Development Co, a gift and premium, corporate gift solution provider in Hong Kong since 1999, provides various of products (gifts and premium purpose) for corporate promotion and events such as Parker pen, Waterman pen, Cross pen, ceramics mug, crystal and trophy, leather wallet, usb device, metal hanger and pin, plastic promotion pen, etc.

By the way, Joint-mix also provide the professional logo design, custom-make gift design and style for special function and events... (more)

Design and Promotion
Joint-mix also provide the web design, web-promotion service for customer. For beauty salon market, Joint-mix has developed a web-base promotion platform named "Beautyadd". Customers can select the salon service in the platform. Salons can promote their goods and service in it. Now, Beautyadd is famous webside in salon market and servicing more than 200 customers.

Moreover, Joint-mix also providing website development service and web hosting service for all customer including salons, district councils, shops... (more)

Skin Care Product
In Skin care market, Joint-mix is handling an Italy famous skin care product named "Organic Elements". For more information, please visit the website Oe... (more)
For this few years, we achieved to service various customers (corporates, government, organizations, etc) for their gift premium and souvenir purpose, please visit our reference pages for more detail...(more)
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