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Corporate Gift and Premium - Crystal Paper Weight, Crystal Paper Stand, Trophy, Keychain...

Crystal for corporate gift

High quality crystal is elegand gift for corporate promotion and business event. Variety crystal product such as crystal keychain, round shape crystal paper weight, crystal paper stand, crystal trophy and crystal keychain is grand for give away gift for VIP customer for seminar, business conference or any business events. engraving effect for company logo is available on the surface of crystal. Different shape and size of trophy and crystal is custom-make available. For more information, please contact us for detail.

Products and Style
Crystal Keychain JC01
Crystal Stand JC02
Crystal Cube JC03
Crystal Cube JC04
Crystal Cube JC05
Crystal Cube JC06
Crystal Heard Shape JC07
Crystal Diamond Shape JC08
Crystal Ball JC09
Crystal Keychain JC10
Crystal Paper Weight JC11
Crystal Paper Weight JC12
Crystal Paper Weight JC13
Crystal Gulf Ball with Stand JC14
Crystal Custom Shape JC15
Crystal Cube JC16
Crystal Cube JC17
Crystal Cube JC18
Crystal Cuboid JC19
Crystal Stand JC20
Crystal Stand JC21
Crystal Small Tryphy JC22
Crystal Name Card Holder JC23
Crystal Name Care Holder JC24
Crystal Ball Name Card Holder JC25
Crystal Trophy JC26
Crystal Trophy JC27
Crystal Keychain CK05
Crystal Keychain CK03
Crystal Keychain CK06
Crystal Keychain CK07
Crystal Keychain CK08
Crystal Keychain CK09
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